Musical Theatre and Expanding Your Experience

Musical Theatre allows you to explore different facets of the arts. If you consider yourself a singer, you get to freshen up your acting through song. If you feel you are more of an actor, you get to explore your musical interests under the veil of acting. Often times, those who are used to being more comfortable with acting find the thought of singing in front of other people quite intimidating. However, there is a beautiful way to adjust this way of thinking. In Musical Theatre, your goal is to act out every aspect of your performance. So instead of being afraid of using your voice, simply dive deeper into your character. Your character is feeling all kinds of different emotions, and the best way for that character to get them out is through song. The focus can still be on your acting and in the process you might find that you love the vocal part of Musical Theatre more than you thought you could!

Musical Theatre and a New Experience

In the same way, if you are more comfortable with the vocal part of Musical Theatre, you can just think of it as another level of growth in your vocal journey. Now you get to do more than simply learn a song and make sure all of your technique is correct. You get to decide how you feel about that song. You get to portray those feelings through your voice, with your words, and by your facial expressions. There is a new level of discovery waiting for you when you jump into the world of Musical Theatre. To find out that there is more to yourself and your art than you thought is something that should be treasured. There is no better time than now to see what you have hidden inside of you that is just waiting to come out!