Musical Theatre and Expression

Musical Theatre allows for expression. The different ways you are allowed to express yourself are endless. You get to express your character, your songs, and your own emotions. When you express your character, you really get into who they are. You get to figure out how that character thinks. You get to figure out how they respond to all types of different situations. You are allowed to explore the possibilities with your character. You also find expression in your songs. You can find expression through the words of your songs of course, but that is not all. You take your notes and find out how you can communicate effectively through your voice. Where should you put power into your instrument and where should you bring a softer touch? Does chest voice or head voice or a mix of both create the atmosphere that is needed in the song? These are all ways to express yourself through your Musical Theatre songs.

Musical Theatre and Expressing Yourself

 In Musical Theatre, you also get to really express your own emotions. You can find out what your music and lyrics are about and ask yourself how you yourself feel about them. Sometimes in life it is difficult to get all of your feelings out. There are some people who hold everything inside of them until they explode. There are some people who cry simply because they haven’t in a while. Whatever type of person you are, it is not always “acceptable” to be open and honest about everything you are feeling and going through. That is one of the beautiful things about Musical Theatre. It gives you permission to feel and let out whatever emotions you need to. Not only are you not judged for it, but people actually clap for you when you’re done! Musical Theatre is a gift just waiting for you to open it; why wait?