Musical Theatre and Togetherness

Musical Theatre is a passion that draws people together. When you are involved in Musical Theatre, you gain friendships that are based on hard work, teamwork, and a love for the same thing. When you start a new adventure in the world of Musical Theatre, you prepare yourself for hard work. Sometimes there are days when it just doesn’t seem like a rehearsal will ever end. Maybe your body is physically exhausted from rehearsing your dance numbers so much. Maybe you are on vocal rest during the day so that you can use it to the fullest at night. Maybe you are mentally drained, with blocking and choreography and notes and lyrics floating around in your head twenty-four hours a day. Being part of something like this is hard work. There is no doubt about it. You also prepare yourself for teamwork. This can be a beautiful thing, because it is based on doing something you are all passionate about together. When you work as a team, you are always of the mindset that you are not alone. You accomplish much more when you work together to create something beautiful.

Musical Theatre and Passion

When you enter into a Musical Theatre project, your passion for it starts to grow. Although you may have loved Broadway in the past, actively being involved in it is like adding kindling to a small fire. Suddenly your love and passions start to overtake every step, note, and line that you have. When you truly have a love for something you are doing, it makes every moment seem like so much more. There is nothing sweeter than letting yourself grow, be challenged, and change through something your heart has always desired to do. Musical Theatre is a world full of discovery, and you are the perfect candidate to join!