Musical Theatre and Training

In order to perform in the style of Music Theatre well, you need to know how to use your instrument appropriately. Singing for Musical Theatre is very different than for other genres. One of the reasons for this is that in the genre of musical theatre, the story comes first. You have to learn how to train your voice to be able to first and foremost get the story across. In order to do this without hurting yourself, you will need proper technique and training. When singing in the Rock style of “Rent”, you have to adapt your instrument to convey the style of music. You have to sing soulfully when performing “Hamilton”. For shows such as “Phantom of the Opera” or “Carousel” you will be expected to have a more traditional sound to your instrument. Whatever the case may be, Musical Theatre requires you to be on top of your vocal health at all times.

Musical Theatre and Vocal Health

The best way to prepare vocally for Musical Theatre is to get trained by an instructor who knows the depth of all genres. When practicing and going to lessons week after week, you will need someone who can tell you what to do in a way that will keep your voice strong and healthy. Belting incorrectly can eventually lead to nodules, vocal fatigue, and/or loss of vocal function. There is a healthy way to belt and be able to perform your heart out without having to worry about the stamina of your vocal cords. Musical Theatre allows you to explore new levels of yourself and your instrument through storytelling. Where you thought you had hit your limit, you suddenly find yourself going even farther emotionally and vocally. Finding a new and exciting facet of performing is an adventure you will be glad you went on!