Musical Theatre and Your Character

Musical Theatre has been used for entertainment and expression since the early 20th century. Entering into the world of Musical Theatre is unlike any other world you could enter into. Suddenly you are not who you thought you were. You are your character, and your character has a completely different way of doing life than you do. All thoughts, feelings, and actions are something you have to delve into. You really get to know this character enough to portray him or her accurately. Maybe in a situation where you would tend to talk things out, your character would explode instead. Maybe where you would get irritated your character would feel amused. There are so many new things to discover when acting like another human being. Suddenly you are not where you thought you were. You are in the land of your character; familiar with things you’ve never seen before. There are all kinds of new experiences, and you have to get up close to really understand what you are trying to show.

Musical Theatre and Your Voice

A big part of Musical Theatre is understanding where your voice will come into play. Maybe you are used to being timid and quiet with your instrument. When you play a big character, you may have to adjust your way of performing and make your voice loud in a way you are not used to. Maybe the Musical Theatre project you are in calls for a quiet sweet sound to your voice, and you are used to belting all your songs out super strong. You will need to adjust your voice to a place of control and steadiness. Musical Theatre can bring your arts experience to a place you never expected. You can grow and change and express in ways that will bring satisfaction to your need for expression!