Musical Theatre Could Be For You

Musical Theatre allows your voice to develop in such a way that you are telling a story along with your vocal development. While you are going through exercises and muscle strengthening in your lessons, you are doing so with the mindset of a storyteller. You will be guided through how to use your body in a way that makes the story even more exciting. What do you do with your hands? Where do you look? What is the best time to move from one section of the stage to another? These are all questions that will be answered through the Musical Theatre instruction you will get at Fox Music. Musical Theatre helps you with communication skills. When you have to explain what is going on to your audience through song, what is the best inflection to use in your singing voice? How much power should you use? You will be taught the necessary steps for a successful performance.

Musical Theatre and Starting Out

Musical Theatre has a very specific sound that is not produced in all other genres of music. What is the healthy way to accomplish this? When you come into Fox Music to strengthen your vocal muscles, you will be shocked at how easily your instrument can adapt to different styles of performing. You may think that you can’t sing Musical Theatre simply because you never have before. Maybe you have only ever sung Rock and Roll. Maybe you have only ever sung classically. Maybe you have never sung before at all! Whatever the case may be, there is no limit to what your voice can accomplish when you start on this new adventure. Sometimes taking the first step to a new aspect of your life as an artist is all it takes. Why not start today and see where the journey leads!