Musical Theatre Vocal Growth

Out of all the genres of music in the world, there is one that holds a special place in the hearts of the ones who love it; musical theatre. Musical theatre offers an outlet of expression that is more intentional than in other genres. When you are trained to sing songs from productions such as “The Last Five Years”, “Into the Woods”, or “Matilda”, you are able to jump into another person’s shoes for those 2-3 minutes of song. You learn to grow your instrument to be able to accommodate the demands of musical theatre. You figure out the message behind the songs you’re singing. You get to explore the emotions and thoughts and processes of another human being, though fictional. As a result of this you are able to explore different facets of yourself.

Musical Theatre and Health

Vocal health is the most important thing for someone who is interested in musical theatre to grasp and hold onto. When learning how to grow your vocal muscles to perform, you have to keep in mind the time commitment. If you decide to go in this direction as a career, it is even more important to focus on your health. When you are performing so many shows per week, there is a big expectation placed on small muscles. To take care of your instrument is vital. Your instructors at Fox Music help you to maintain vocal health. Whether you want to sing musical theatre as a career or whether it is just something that you love to do after work, there is always a place for you to grow! Your teachers are trained to help you learn and enjoy what you are learning about your instrument. If singing musical theatre is something you’ve enjoyed doing since you were a child, you will thrive while exploring that love with your community at Fox Music. Whatever the goal may be, taking the step to find out what your voice can really do is a step that ensures a joyous adventure.