My Guitar Lesson Experience with Fox Music

“I have been taking guitar lessons here at Fox Music since September 3, 2014. Every wednesday I come in for a new guitar lesson and I always leave the premises feeling very satisfied. Every wednesday since my first lesson here I have learned something new, not only about guitar, but about music overall. My first lesson was very instructional, I wont lie, I did go in feeling a little uncertain about how much I was going to learn and how effective the lessons were going to be; as everyone knows, first impressions are important. When  arrived I was asked to show my understanding of certain terms as well as the amount of skill that I had possessed prior to my lesson and ever since then, each and every lesson has just been building off the last. I always leave each guitar lesson feeling a little more accomplished not just as a guitarist but as a musician. Everything I learn in my guitar lessons can be applied to any point in the musical spectrum. I have fun applying what I learn during that guitar lesson to anything that I do in terms of music. I am not the only one that the wonderful teachers here at Fox have nurtured musically. I have a friend who takes guitar lessons here for about six months and he started out knowing next to nothing; and now, he is very near to the level that I had started my guitar lessons (knowing that I had three years of experience with guitar before my first lesson here). Fox Music is a wonderful place to learn about the beauty and inter-workings of the magnificent world of music. Any lesson taken in this fantastic place is definitely going to teach any individual something wonderful and new about music.” -Horby Lopez