Practice Makes Perfect

Hey everyone!


After speaking with many students about similar questions, I feel like this is the perfect platform to talk about ideas, experiences, tips and practices with our Fox Music Community. With that being said, today I would love to talk about the importance of practice. Why is it important? Where can I find the time? Why is it something that has to be done regularly?


As a teacher, this question pops up more than you’d think! Many people don’t realize that there is NO quick fix to singing. Vocalizing in a way to develop and grow your voice is completely different than warming up your voice. Let me break it down for you!


Vocal Exercises are designed to literally improve the technical aspect of singing. For example: If singing higher notes with ease and power just doesn’t work for you, there are specific head voice exercises you can do to challenge that range in your voice. Once you practice those head voice exercises using the correct concepts, you will start to hear a huge difference in that register of your voice. Vocal warm up are like stretching before you run. If you know you will be singing a long performance, warming up will help stretch and relax the voice. This is where people get confused.  When it comes to practicing, you should be doing the vocal exercises! This is going to act as your daily work out! Vocal warmups are not nearly enough for you to get the proper vocal workout! Without proper practice using correct concept of vocalization, the improvement will be minimal.


A lot of people say they can’t find the time to practice. This one makes me chuckle every time I hear it because there is always time! When you are driving in your car, when your cooking dinner, when a commercial comes on the tv, when you’re getting ready in the morning. All it takes is about 15 minuets of vocal exercise to see improvement over time! Now as the voice becomes stronger, you will find that 15 minuets just isn’t enough and you will start to add even more time! Once your practice routine becomes more regular, you are going to have the joy of discovering what your singing is actually capable of doing! As a teacher, one of my favorite things to see in our students is the victories, big and small.


So, my point is, practicing correct concepts regularly will trigger a habitual change in how you work on your voice! Once that habitual change kicks in full gear, your voice has the potential to exceed all your expectations!


Feel free to comment and ask any further questions. Let me know what your practicing routine looks like or how you could improve it!