Practice Slowly For Your Guitar Lessons

Imagine you are going skiing for your first time with a more experienced friend. You put on your tight, uncomfortable boots, snap on your skis, and push yourself over to the lift line. You almost lose your balance once or twice in line but you manage to keep yourself up by grabbing the back of your friend’s jacket on your way down. Once on the lift you feel anxious to give it a try as you watch other skiers zoom down the mountain, effortlessly carving back and forth as they leave clouds of fresh powder behind them. As soon as you get off the lift you charge the slope, overflowing with confidence and excitement. At first you think to yourself, “Oh, this is easy, I can do this”, as you slowly turn from side to side at about 5mph. Then you quickly start to pick up speed as the slope gets steeper and steeper. Before your know it you’re flying down the mountain completely out of control with your hands flailing in the air. You know you’re going down and there’s nothing you can do about it. If only you had tried to go slower…just like when practicing for your guitar lessons! When students come to Fox Music of Virginia Beach for their guitar lessons, they often want to play way too fast. There’s nothing wrong with playing fast, but you can’t just pick up an instrument and expect to play a piece of music for the first time at tempo. Taking a scale, arpeggio, exercise, or piece of music too fast is detrimental to a student’s musicianship. If the student’s technique and form is not yet ingrained in their muscle memory it’s going to sound bad and the technique they’ve practiced so hard will disappear with out a moment’s notice. Think back to the first time you ever tried to jump rope. The majority of people have to start out slowly and be conscious of when they need to jump to avoid tripping over the rope. Over time, the swinging motion and rhythm of the rope become muscle memory and jumping rope becomes almost automatic. You can swing the rope nearly as fast as you want without tripping and even begin to add more advanced moves like crossovers. Guitar lessons work the same way. Even after you’ve been playing for a while and feel like you have the basics down it is still important to start slow when learning a new song. My former teacher would always say, “If you can’t play it slow, then you can’t play it fast”. Well duh, right? This seems like it should be so clear and obvious to students taking music lessons, yet it’s such a significant problem when it comes to practicing. You’re never going to get better trying to play something too fast. Start slow and begin to work your way towards a faster tempo as you master it at slower speeds. I promise if you practice slowly you will notice faster improvement, more precise and accurate playing, and get more our of your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach.   Guitar Lessons Virginia Beach Wesley Fox Guitar Teacher Wesley Fox Guitar Instructor Fox Music of Virginia Beach Guitar Lessons Hampton Roads Guitar Lessons Norfolk Guitar Lessons Chesapeake Music Lessons Hampton Roads Fox Music Lessons Fox Music Lessons Virginia Beach Guitar Lessons VB