Prepare For Your Performances

When you are singing a song, have you ever felt like you aren’t prepared to do so? So many people think that singing is just standing in front of people and opening your mouth. There is so much more to this craft! Preparing your song is important but you really need to be preparing for a performance. When you walk in front of a crowd to start your performance, you need to introduce yourself. It is the first thing your audience will hear from you. It is important that you create an inviting connection so they are all ears before you even start singing. This introduction should include your full name, the title of the song you are singing, who composed and wrote the lyrics to the song, and a short explanation of what the song is about. This will create the perfect gateway to your audience so they feel comfortable and ready to engage! One of the most amateurish things a new singer can do in an introduction is to assign authorship of a song to the singer who made it famous. The credit should be given to the hard work of the writer and lyricist. If the singer wrote the song, then that is a time where you can acknowledge them. When a singer prepares their songs, they should know the music well enough to sing their best performance. To achieve a legitimate attempt to communicate with an audience, the words should be fully memorized. Any sort of sheet music or cue cards will be nothing but a distraction and a disconnect from your audience. Being able to make eye contact and communicate your words through music is just one of the many steps you need to take in singing lessons  to achieve true preparation. Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy is the place to get you on the right track to vocal success on so many levels!! Start singing lessons with Fox Music today!