Ring, resonance, efficiency, and more in Singing Lessons

In singing lessons, it is important to be able to keep an efficient sound in your voice. The reason for this is that you want to be able to have a beautiful sound and create a healthy vocal production no matter what! A great way to make sure that efficiency is consistent as you grow is to apply what is called vowel modification. What this means is that as you say different words in your song, you adjust how the words are said to come into line with your goal of beauty, strength, and health! When you maximize your efficiency of sound, you are also maximizing your ring, or your fullness of sound. Vowel modification is vital when it comes to performing traditional music, but it can also change the game when it comes to popular music! “Somewhere only we know”, a line from a popular song, shows a perfect example of what vowel modification is! When singers in singing lessons say the word “where”, they widen their mouths. Widening your mouth makes it so that your vocal folds adjust in an overly thick manner, and creates too much chest voice. When your chest voice is working overtime, it makes high notes more difficult to get to. A big draw for popular singers is their ability to belt out huge sounds, but producers and auditioners also look for those who have no problem getting up to the high notes! Changing how you say the word corrects that muscular imbalance. Instead of saying “somewhere” pronounced like “air”, you could modify your vowel to make it sound like “are”. Even though that is not how we would normally pronounce that word, the context of the song subconsciously tells the audience what the word is! Vowel modification in singing lessons helps your head voice strengthen and balances out your muscles so that your tone stays consistently beautiful!