Scratch Voice Lessons Off Your Bucket List

Have you always dreamed of taking voice lessons? Have you scratched everything off your bucket list but that one thing? Don’t wait any longer! Here at Fox Music we teach voice lessons to people of all ages. It’s never too late to learn how to sing! We’ll teach you the basics of breathing to “do, re, mi”. Think you can’t sing? Did you know that your vocal chords are muscles, just like the other muscles in your body? Muscles can get weak if you don’t exercise regularly or are exercising in just one area. Here at Fox Music we’ll teach you exercises that will help you grow your vocal chords that will get you to where you need to be! We’ll give you the knowledge, not just in how to sing, but also in how the voice works, so that you can determine whether you’re singing correctly or not and truly understand vocal development. Stage fright? No problem! We’ll start small and grow at your own rate so you’ll never be too afraid to use your instrument in your voice lessons, at home, or on the stage. After you get comfortable you will have many opportunities to sing in front of people, people that care. Our community is always encouraging, cheering each other on. We have many different levels of singers, from complete beginners to the professional, so wherever you are you will have a group of people who are working towards that same goal that you are! We’ll teach you many songs from many different genres of music, so you’ll be a well-rounded musician, ready to take on anything! Does you’re voice ever get tired? Remember when I talked about muscles? From the get go we’ll teach you how to balance those muscles, so you’ll never get tired when singing! Sing to softly? We’ll show you how to build power in your voice lessons without straining those vocal chords, so not only will you grow in power, but grow in a healthy way! So what are you waiting for? Call us today, so that you can start voice lessons!