Setting Goals and Achieving Them in Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach are the perfect method of teaching the value of setting goals to students. Do you or your child struggle with following through on certain things? Do you want to instill the positive principles of perseverance and motivation in your child, while still promoting fun and excitement? At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we aim to help our students recognize the benefits of setting goals and working to achieve them. Learning guitar doesn’t happen overnight, and students realize this, yet will still continue practicing and improving to get to the level where they want to play. Working to achieve goals in this context doesn’t seem like work though! Guitar lessons are fun and dynamic, and the positive energy at Fox Music promotes students’ enthusiasm. The commitment to practicing guitar translates into commitment to numerous other aspects in life. To really teach our students the long-term benefits of goal setting and achieving, this needs to be done in a way that won’t intimidate younger students. There needs to be a balance between “hard” work and “fun” work. Teaching guitar is a prime technique for transferring these ethics! Learning guitar instils discipline, respect, and work ethic. Though guitar requires dedication and consistent practice, the instrument itself paired with the teaching styles at Fox Music of Virginia Beach keep students devoted and eager to learn. There is both immediate gratification when students can show a new skill from class, and long term gratification that will come from mastering their favorite song or performing on stage in front of parents and friends. From the first lesson, guitar students realize their hopes and goals, and work with the teachers to set a plan for accomplishing these objectives. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, students see first hand through practice and hard work what it takes to achieve their guitar goals or any other goals they may have in life.