Singing Lessons and Connections

You may think that singing lessons are simply a way to become a good singer, and while you will surely develop your vocal muscles, you will be also provided with so much more than that. Singing lessons provide a surrounding of working together side by side in order to accomplish a common goal. When you are studying something as close to your heart and as vulnerable as your own instrument, there are certain aspects of the journey that those who are not part of it will not always completely understand. That is where your Fox Music community comes into play to help. When you are struggling with anything in your development, from exercises to certain notes to mouth positions to breathing issues, you can know with confidence that there will be someone nearby to say “Me too!” You are never alone in your musical journey; growing together is always better than growing alone!

Singing Lessons and Groups

Singing lessons really show the old saying that music is a universal language. Sometimes it allows people to connect in a deeper way than words can. Music is a bonding activity, and studies have shown that singers tend to bond more quickly with one another than other groups. Taking singing lessons together “breaks the ice” in a bigger way, making the transition from strangers to close friends an easy one. Use of the voice is found in all societies, and is greatly used as a means of bringing a community together in many third world countries, as well as right here at Fox Music! Your singing lessons will be used to express any emotion or event going on in your life. They will be used for celebration or for tears, all while learning about the wonderful gift that is your own unique instrument.