Singing lessons and music appreciation

Taking singing lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach won’t just help you to grow your skills as a musician through your instrument week after week, it will let you start to appreciate music and every part of the art of being a musician in general. As you begin singing lessons, everything from songs you hear on the radio to your favorite online performer becomes a bigger deal. You start to pay attention to the way someone holds their mouth, or stands, or lets out notes using different techniques. Soon you can work with your helpful instructor during singing lessons to learn all of those amazing sounds you start keeping an ear out for!

Singing lessons and listening

Listening is something that though it starts out as practice, eventually becomes natural once you begin singing lessons. Jazz musician Pat Metheny said, “Listening is key to everything in good music.” This is one of the truest statements when it comes to music, especially voice. When you use your instrument for the first time, before you even open your mouth and let out those first few notes, simply listening to what is being played for you to repeat can be enough to inspire you mentally and emotionally, and physically help you to get in the right vocal position. When you listen to different songs, it can help you to truly appreciate what skill it takes to perform all different types of songs and styles. Hearing each of these different styles allows your ear to understand more than words could ever express. During your singing lessons, you will use your ear more and more the longer you are trained. You will find yourself listening to different performers and not only appreciating the musician, but connecting in a deeper way to the music itself. Who knew something as simple as lending an ear to your singing lessons could have such life changing effects!