Singing Lessons: Confidently Priceless

Want to build your child’s confidence? Look no further than kids singing lessons! You can put a price on new shoes, presents for Christmas, or school haircuts, but one thing that you can’t put a price tag on is confidence! Confidence is something that anyone needs in every part of life! Whether it’s in making friends, auditioning, or not giving into peer pressure, confidence builds a self-esteem that no money can buy. What your child will get in singing lessons at Fox Music is the ability to take baby steps towards that self-esteem in a safe and encouraging environment. How they will gain that is by learning the basic foundation of performance skills and audience communication. When your child comes to singing lessons they will learn and memorize songs with the class. Preparation is something that will be a starting point for confidence. We will start that by giving your child a song to sing and go home to practice. They will learn these skills of practice and preparation with other kids, so it doesn’t feel like work or school, but a fun-filled activity that they get to do with their peers! They will be taught how to practice correctly, and how to manage their time while doing so. From there your child will have the opportunity to sing in front of a class, starting with as little as one line of a song, and then building until they can sing the whole song! From there they will be able to perform the song that they have learned with the class, but now by themselves, having adequately prepared for it with their teachers help. After this your child will learn how to express what the song is talking about through their hands and their facial expressions, and pretty soon they’ll crack that shell they’ve been in and shine! So what are you waiting for? Sign your kid’s up for singing lessons today, to give your kids something priceless that will last them a lifetime!