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Singing Lessons For Kids

Singing Stars

The sooner children start, the longer they have to practice and perfect their voice. Fox Music’s Singing Stars programs provide voice lessons for children in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. Our award winning voice programs and state of the art studio are proven tools to help teach children vocal skills, performance skills, and important life skills like confidence, leadership, and self-esteem.

How great are the kids on shows like America’s Got Talent or American Idol who can sing and entertain at such a young age? Pretty impressive, aren’t they?

Whether your child wants to become the next star singer, or you are looking for something to help boost your child’s confidence, Fox Music’s Singing Stars program is the solution. Fox Music’s Voice Teachers turn most shy, quiet, and doubtful beginners into strong, outgoing leaders that become powerful performers and confident singers.

Fox Music’s Singing Stars learn how to expand vocal range, prevent vocal chords from damage, develop power, and improve the overall beauty of their tone. Fox Music’s Singing Stars also learn important performance skills that translate into improved confidence and self-esteem both on and off the stage.

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