Singing Lessons that Inspire

Let me sing if I cannot fly – Stephen Sondheim Oh what an inspiration Stephen has been for us! The only composer to have won eight Grammy Awards and eight Tony Awards, Stephen inspires us to bring the joy of singing to the good folks of Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads Area. Who is your singing inspiration? And don’t be worried if the question takes you a while to answer, for it is easier to be impressed by someone than be inspired. That’s the beauty of inspirations. They may require some work to come across, but once you’ve found them, there’s no turning back. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, we go all out in our effort to provide you an environment that truly inspires the singer in you. fox-music-voice-lessons-200x300 Our voice teacher Saul Fox draws from a long history of involvement in voice and singing. His dual degrees in music (Bachelor’s in Voice Performance and Master’s in Voice Pedagogy) have equipped him with the technical know-how of not only the science of singing but also the ways of of motivating singers and driving them to their maximum potential. A regular figure of authority in both the popular-music and more traditional, Church-music scene of Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, Saul has proved his metal time and again as the Minister of Music, the Praise Team Leader and while playing leading roles with the Tidewater Winds, the Virginia Beach Symphony and the Virginia Opera. He will help you find your personal inspiration – one that provides you the momentum you need to sing with your heart and soul! Come join several of your friends and neighbors from the community to partake in singing lessons at Fox Music Virginia Beach. Our group singing lessons are filled with love, laughter and joy that comes from meeting new friends and singing away the worries of the day. The private lessons are filled with one-on-one instructions from our voice teachers that are packed with motivation, inspiration, excitement and a pinch of creativity!