Singing Lessons – Voice Health

Want singing lessons? Come to Fox Music! Learning what is healthy for your voice is important. Not pushing too hard is one thing your teacher will help you with. You will also learn when it is okay to push and how to do it. There is a lot more to singing lessons than you might think. You will be able to get your high notes higher than you thought you could. You will be able to get your low notes lower than you thought you could. You will grow your voice muscles so big that you will be able to do any song you want. If you like Mariah Carey you will be able to hit the notes that she hits. If you like opera you will be able to do arias that you enjoy. If you like Broadway you will be able to bring in songs that mean something to you. At Fox Music you will be very well trained in how to perform better. How to hold your hands will be taught. How to hold your arms will be shown. Even where to look when you perform is going to be explained! All the questions you have about singing lessons and performing will be answered. When to bow after a song is very important and will be understood when you come to take singing lessons. Understanding how to stay in character and not leave the stage before it is time is very important as well. How to overcome nerves and being scared to sing in front of people is one of the biggest things you will overcome when performing. Taking singing lessons helps you grow in more areas than just singing pretty notes. It makes you feel more confident as a singer and as a performer. At Fox Music, you will not leave the same as when you first signed up for singing lessons!