Strengthen Your Voice

Singing can be such a fun activity for many people. Have you ever caught yourself singing your favorite tune and wished your voice was stronger? When you come to singing lessons and work toward your voice, you will see immense amounts of strength and control come into your voice. A weak voice is not desirable even when using a microphone. Just because the microphone adds volume, it doesn’t give you a strong sounding voice.  If you have a small voice, you’re not alone. Many people have small voices that need development.  Having a small voice is completely different from singing softly. Many people use a softer tone quality for an emotional effect. Sometimes soft singing can be very effective but it should never be that way for a whole song. When your goal is to strengthen the voice, you have to challenge yourself to sing out more with a fuller sound. A well-trained voice demonstrates a core tone that is strong and vibrant, and displays the ability to sing loudly and/or softly, as the song requires. As your own voice develops, you will find that your voice can be more versatile. You will finally feel confident enough to communicate your music and your message.  If all you hear is quiet singing, your voice probably needs development. Just because it needs development, doesn’t mean you’re an impossible case! When evaluating non-professional voices, it is important to remember that lack of confidence or fear often hides a strong voice. As you come to singing lessons, your confidence will grow and you will be surprised at what your voice can become. You can’t know at first hearing whether the singer is holding back due to fear or if the voice is underdeveloped. Don’t keep yourself wondering if you have hidden talent. Expose your true voice today!