Summer Is Almost Here!

Can you believe it’s almost summer time already? All the children are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! I know many of our young students are counting down the days. They are so excited to try new things and discover something new about themselves outside the classroom. Are you looking for something fun for your child to do this summer? Singing lessons are the perfect activity for children of all ages!


There are so many benefits to singing lessons. Learning how to sing opens up another line of communication. Singing is another form of expression. Some children don’t think they can express themselves or their feelings and it shouldn’t be that way! One thing I truly love about Fox Music is how it’s a 100% non-judgmental community. These kids are free to express themselves in a safe, positive and encouraging environment! It’s such a wonderful experience, as a teacher, to watch kids make leaps and bounds with not only singing, but confidence within themselves.


Confidence in children is priceless! As a Mom, all I want for my boys is too see them happy. When our students get up to sing, they get better and stronger each time. They are loving every second. Helping a student overcome fear can have its challenges, but there’s nothing we haven’t heard or seen that hasn’t been overcome. Singing has the ability to give parents a peace of mind knowing that their child is confident and able to express themselves.


It is important for them to be told over and over again that what they have to offer is valuable to the world and that they are special! Start children’s singing lessons today, and see your little one shine bright like the sun!


We also have Summer Camps available for kids Pre-k through 6th grade. Please feel free to contact us regarding lessons and camps! 757-460-8332