1st Class Instruction

1st Class Instruction

Two years ago, I was becoming frustrated because I was trying to find someone reputable to teach my daughter, Anna, voice instruction, yet everyone said she was too young. I found Saul Fox’s website and gave him a call. That call was probably the best thing I could have done for my daughter in regards to her voice. Mr. Fox agreed to meet with us and try a lesson to see if it would be a good fit for both him and Anna. We’ve been seeing him weekly ever since.

When she first began lessons, Anna was singing every song on the radio. She had a good voice and loved singing along to Miley Cyrus and other pop stars. Mr. Fox has geared Anna away from that and is instead teaching her a classical style that has made all the difference in her voice. She has always had a great voice, but his way of teaching is giving her voice a quality she previously did not have. When she began lessons, she could not even squeak out high notes. Now, she belts them out with ease, and they sound beautiful.

With the instruction of Mr. Fox, Anna has learned techniques to give her voice a much broader range. She has learned how to read music and the terminology that goes along with it. She has learned about different composers and is currently learning to sing a second Italian opera! She loves singing in a foreign language and has taken it upon herself to translate the songs she has learned! His teachings are inspiring her to learn more about the music she sings.

Mr, Fox is a kind, patient, gifted teacher and teaches students in his home. He has a wonderful, supportive family who is also musically inclined. As a parent, it is very comfortable and reassuring that I am able to sit and quietly observe her lessons. I can keep up with her progress weekly. Anna records her lessons and practices at home daily. She loves showing family and friends the challenging songs she learns. Anna is 11-years-old and a sixth grader at Kemps Landing. She was just selected to sing with Virginia Beach’s all-city chorus. Mr. Fox constantly tells her that if she keeps working hard and practicing daily, she will one day have a voice to be reckoned with, and he is right. And while she gets credit for the talent and hard work, Mr. Fox deserves tremendous accolades for helping her learn the techniques to train her voice to be what it is today.

Anna does have grandiose dreams of “making it big” in the music world, and I think she will someday do just that. She often says when she steps on stage and receives her first Grammy Award, Mr. Saul Fox will be the first person on her list to whom she says THANK YOU.

Thank you Mr. Fox!