My Personal Experience

Personal Experience

My daughter and I go to New York regularly to see Broadway musicals and it has always been her dream to perform on Broadway someday. Virginia Beach isn’t exactly New York City and I never thought I would find a teacher as fine as Saul to be my daughter’s voice teacher. In one year’s time, she went from being able to mostly sing in key to having a broad range, a booming beautiful voice and to be able to sing in different languages, including Italian and French.

In addition to weekly practices, the students also get chances to perform and my daughter has already been in three recitals and is getting ready for a competition and a fourth recital. This has given her the confidence she needed to audition for her school musical (as a ninth grader, it isn’t easy to get a part in a high school musical featuring mostly 11th and 12th graders in good roles, but she did!)

If you are thinking of taking voice lessons or want them for your child, you should consider Saul. The first time we met with him, there was absolutely no pressure – you will never have the feeling that this is about money, but rather about a gift he is willing to share with his students and we do see this as a gift. My daughter absolutely loves coming to class every week, and Saul provides just the right balance of encouragement and tough love when needed. It is amazing to me how far she has come this past year and how much confidence this has given her at a time when she really needed it.