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Guitar Lessons in Virginia Beach – The Guitar Academy of Fox Music of Virginia Beach

Fox Music’s Guitar Academy is the premier choice for guitar lessons in Hampton Roads for both adults and children. Our unique teaching method of combining group and private lessons allows for faster improvement and proficiency on the guitar. Whether you’re just picking up the guitar for the first time or have been playing for many years and want to take your playing to the next level, Fox Music is here to help. With some practice and perseverance our copyrighted, proven 10-level curriculum will transform your playing and broaden your understanding of music in no time. Every student is different. Some students want an introduction to guitar and music theory while some want to learn how to play rock, jazz, popular music, or other genres. Other students want to be able to rip out a guitar solo and learn to ‘shred’, but most want to learn a combination of these. A combination of group and private lessons along with our 10-level curriculum allows students to learn all of the above as well as build confidence and work on their stage presence. Group lessons and our 10-level curriculum also keep students motivated to practice and continue to learn by giving them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience regularly and advance to the next level. Group guitar lessons offer an excellent introduction to the study of guitar, but group lessons are not just for beginners. Classes include exercises that help to develop proper form, various techniques with the left and right hand, expand musical understanding, and over time, the ability to play just about anything. Students also learn songs and play them together, and as they become comfortable, they are encouraged to play individually in front of the group. Group lessons provide an opportunity for playing in front of other people on a regular basis, building performance skills and gaining confidence as a performer. This is particularly beneficial for long-term students who have been playing for a while and want to go to the next step as a performer. All guitarists will benefit from working on exercises, learning songs, and developing performance skills through group lessons. If your focus is developing proper playing techniques or mastering the fretboard and you want a great deal of individual coaching with certain playing techniques, theory, improvisation, etc., then private lessons may be for you. Private lessons also require a drive to work hard and practice consistently. It would be a mistake for any student to ignore the development of performance skills and confidence building that only group instruction can provide. At Fox Music, we recognize that there are advantages to studying guitar as a group and other advantages to studying privately. We have found that combining private lessons with group lessons is usually the most effective method of study. Fox Music offers various combinations of group and private voice lessons in order to provide a comprehensive program at whatever level a student chooses to participate. Whether you are a beginner looking to have fun, an advanced player honing your skills, or anything in between, Fox Music can help you achieve the improvement you’re after. When you begin lessons we will evaluate your playing ability and recommend an individualized teaching program for you based on both your ability and your goals. As your study progresses, we will monitor your progress and optimize your program to expedite your development.

Meet Our Teacher

A Virginia Tech graduate, Wesley Fox is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer with many years of teaching experience. At the age of 16, Wesley was teaching guitar, violin, piano, and bass guitar to students from the age of 6 all the way to 50. While in middle and high school, Wesley played in all city and regional orchestras as well as The Bay Youth Symphony Orchestras. He was accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts and studied under Dora Mullins, a former Julliard instructor, for 7 years. As an adult Wesley has played in several bands of various genres including jazz, rock, and contemporary praise and worship. His most notable band experience was playing as the lead guitarist and lead singer for a 4-piece band that toured regularly throughout the state of Virginia for almost 3 years. He also spent several years playing violin in Symphonicity, formerly known as The Virginia Beach Symphony. He has been a paid musician at many churches as well as a performer for weddings and other events. Wesley specializes in teaching various genres of music ranging from traditional, classical music to all kinds of rock and popular music. “Wesley is a brilliant musician with an enormous understanding of music theory and an amazing ability to play piano, drums, violin, and guitar. He is an articulate communicator, a patient teacher, and the consummate professional”. G. E. “Dwyn” Taylor II Captain, Civil Engineering Corps United States Navy