The Importance of Guitar Exercises

At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, the exercises taught to our guitar students are designed with specific purposes in mind. The importance of learning and practicing these exercises even extends beyond guitar skills. Students will improve hand-eye coordination and motor functions, while enhancing the dexterity of their fingers and hands. To advance as a guitar player, the practicing of these exercises cannot be overstressed! The experienced instructors at Fox Music create the guitar exercises to be both efficient and effective in guitar lessons. Timing and rhythm are two areas that are greatly benefited by the consistent practice of these guitar exercises. By playing familiar combinations, guitar students will be able to recognize the beats and how to stay with the correct tempo. Other areas that will be positively affected include switching quickly between chords, moving up and down the fretboard, improving hammer-ons and pull-offs, sweeping, and playing smoothly overall. Practicing these exercises does not need to be tedious or boring. Our instructors work hard to come up with fun and engaging exercises. These are often revised and interchanged so that our students can experiment with both repetition and variety. Some days, the exercises might be geared toward building muscles in the fingers, and other days, they might be aimed at improving fingerpicking… We make sure that you’ll recognize the purpose behind what you’re doing. Both beginners and professionals need to maintain finger and hand strength. Just as a runner needs legs to race, or a photographer needs a camera, musicians need to be able to physically play their instruments. For most guitarists, this means having capable hands and fingers that can manage the strings. Fox Music’s guitar exercises are an excellent way to become stronger. Think of the guitar exercises just like any other form of exercise, building mental and physical strength!