The Many Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Although guitar lessons are associated with many positive emotional results, there are many physical and physiological benefits from playing guitar. In fact there have been many studies done to show the positive effects of guitar lessons for just about anybody! While taking guitar lessons at Fox Music, the mind of a musician is constantly growing, and providing a learning environment that encourages that growth as an artist is vital. One Scottish study has recently shown that playing guitar allows individuals to have sharper brain functions as you grow as a musician, which can ultimately fight against mental decline as you get older! Taking guitar lessons at Fox Music also allows you to benefit your hand-eye coordination by relaying motor patterns to your brain, from reading musical notes to managing rhythm. Although initially mastering the fret board and beginning guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach may find you having a learning curve for playing, with practice you will become a well-coordinated and dexterous guitar player in no time! Another positive benefit of taking guitar lessons is that it can significantly reduce stress, which can be a major cause of cardiovascular problems. At Fox Music, we view our guitar lessons as an opportunity for you to grow as a musician and encourage you to take what you have learned and implement it in your practice for each week. A half hour of practice a day of this new material learned every week not only will increase your skills at guitar, but also positively impact your health! One Dutch study found that guitar players who practiced more than 100 minutes a day showed a drop in blood pressure and reduced heart rates compared to those who didn’t. Overall there are so many positive benefits of taking guitar lessons, both physically and physiologically. So what are you waiting for? Stay Healthy – pick up a guitar, grab a pick, and begin your journey as a musician through guitar lessons at Fox Music in Virginia Beach today!