The Relationship Between Guitar Lessons for Children and Better Academic and Social Skills

There lived a young boy named Stephen who lived in Dallas with his parents and elder brother Jimmie. Jimmie played different instruments and was the inspiration of little Stephen who decided to “try” guitar after he saw his big brother play one. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and the young guitar-playing Stephen grew up to be none other than the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan – one of the most acclaimed guitarists in the world. Stevie went on to revive blues music with his rocking guitar playing – a penchant that he had developed early in life, thanks to big brother Jimmie. The guitar guru went on to cite early interest in instruments (that came from seeing Jimmie play), as the foundation of his musical career. And we couldn’t agree Children who can look up to their elder siblings and/or parents for developing interest in extra curricular activities are nothing short of lucky. The benefits of early enthusiasm and preparations are unparalleled! And if the activity is something like playing an instrument, the benefits just compound. Children who are given music lessons develop more sensitivity to emotion and speech, in addition to a higher IQ. There exist evidence from multiple scientific studies and researches that correlate playing an instrument, early in childhood to better grades, stronger brain development and better social skills to name a few. But what does a parent do when no one in the family can lead an interest in playing instruments by example? Enrolling in professional music lessons is a good option. The guitar lessons for children by Fox Music Virginia Beach bring children from Virginia Beach and Hampton Road face to face with one another and spark that interest of “group activity”, which young minds are uber responsive to. Since guitar is wonderfully beginner friendly, guitar lessons also work wonders for children’s confidence and self-esteem. And we speak from experience. Our teacher Wesley Fox has been strumming his six string since he was little boy himself. Today, he is a multi-instrumentalist who has taught kids, adults, even seniors, played in orchestras at city and on regional levels and has been a part of several bands. He understands how music has made him multi-talented and enriched his life overall – something that he aims to give back to the community through music lessons at Fox Music Virginia Beach.