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The Showtime Theatre program is a drama program for teens that is offered at our Haygood location. All students are welcome! Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned actor, we’ll meet you where you are to help you grow as a theatre artist. This class covers theatre knowledge ranging from acting basics like improvisation and characterization to exciting topics like musical theatre dance. Each class is interactive and student-oriented, so you will never be bored. We use a system of engaging activities that will have you up on your feet, moving, and laughing as you improve your acting technique and theatre knowledge. This class utilizes a rotating curriculum, so you can join at any time! Feeling nervous? Don’t be! This is a safe community that supports each other through their artistic development, no matter what stage they may be in. You’ll meet and interact with other young actors, enjoy a stress free and exciting class each week, and grow towards achieving your artistic goals, whatever they may be. Not only is the Showtime Theatre program a fun, safe environment, but it will also help you gain life skills. Activities in class will help you improve leadership skills like public speaking and thinking on your feet. Through studies in theatre, students gain confidence and a level of self-awareness and discipline that will serve them well in school, the workplace, and the rest of their lives. Fill out the form to get started!


Eden Fox – Director

Eden Fox holds a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts Education from East Carolina University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She has directed numerous productions and taught masterclasses and workshops throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and internationally. Eden uses process-based drama to teach the acting principles of Constantin Stanislavski and Viola Spolin. Eden is a passionate and encouraging teacher who challenges her students to grow into the artists and people they were meant to be.