Tips For Choosing Your First Guitar: Tip #2

Are you getting ready to take guitar lessons in Virginia Beach with Fox Music and in the market to buy your first guitar? Here are some general rules of thumb to help you in this important purchase decision. Tip #2: Check the Neck Always check the neck of the guitar before purchasing for your guitar lessons with Fox Music, especially if it’s used. The neck is the long piece of wood with the fretboard on it extending from the body of the guitar up to the tuning pegs. Look straight down the neck of the guitar and make sure the neck is straight. If it’s bent whatsoever the guitar will be out of tune as soon as you put a finger on the fretboard. Run your hand up and down the neck to make sure it’s smooth. Make sure you try playing it and you are comfortable with how it feels. There are several different neck shapes and sizes that all feel a little bit different. All that matters is that it feels comfortable in your left hand when you come in for your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. More tips will be posted!