Tips For Choosing Your First Guitar: Tip #3

Are you getting ready to take guitar lessons in Virginia Beach with Fox Music and in the market to buy your first guitar? Here are some general rules of thumb to help you in this important purchase decision. Tip #3: Listen For Buzzes and Other Unwanted Noises When first buying a guitar for guitar lessons in Virginia Beach with Fox Music, determine your budget ahead of time. A great budget for your first guitar might be $100-$300. Ask to see the guitars at the higher end of your budget first – you will most likely feel and hear the difference. Pluck each open string (open means playing the strings without placing fingers on the fret-board and pressing down the strings) and listen for any buzzes or other unwanted noises. When plucking the open strings, the guitar should sound clean and the ringing should be even. Next, push down hard on each fret and play the string by itself, listening for buzzes, pops, and other unwanted noises. If there are any weird, unwanted noises ask the salesman to fix it. Check for the problem again. If he can’t fix it, don’t buy the guitar. You’ll be glad you checked for strange noises once you start your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. More tips will be posted!