Tips For Choosing Your First Guitar: Tip #4

Are you getting ready to take guitar lessons in Virginia Beach with Fox Music and in the market to buy your first guitar? Here are some general rules of thumb to help you in this important purchase decision. Tip #4: Learn on Acoustic Learn to play on an acoustic for your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. Acoustic guitars are generally harder to play than electrics. You may be thinking, “Wait a minute – an acoustic guitar is harder to play and you’re telling me to start on acoustic as a beginner in my guitar lessons?” Yes, that’s right. The strings are harder to press down than on an electric, which will build hand strength and allow calluses to develop on your fingertips much faster. It’s also much easier to hear any mistakes you might make on an acoustic. It’s nearly impossible to cover up buzzes, muted strings, and other unwanted noises with an acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are much easier to play and hide mistakes behind distortion and other effects. While an acoustic is harder to play in the beginning, your learning curve will grow exponentially compared to learning on an electric. Once you master the fundamentals and have developed proper technique through your guitar lessons with Fox Music, try playing on an electric guitar. Your fingers will glide across the fret-board like it’s butter and you’ll be glad you started with an acoustic guitar in your guitar lessons. In addition, acoustic guitars don’t require extra expenses like an amplifier or cables. Unless you have a very strong aversion to acoustic guitars, don’t start on electric. More tips will be posted!