Your Vocal Coach To Guide You Home

Having a vocal coach is like having a guide to make everything clear! If you have ever seen “The Wizard Of Oz”, you will see that the main character, Dorothy, is simply trying to get home after a tornado takes her to a magical land called Oz. She discovers that the one who will show her the way home is the great and powerful wizard. He runs Oz, and he is the one that Dorothy desperately needs to get to so she can go home to her family and friends! Suddenly, a wonderful helper named Glinda meets her! She tells her that she has to follow the yellow brick road in order to get to her hearts desire; home! She follows that yellow brick road just like Glinda tells her to, and she ends up finding out that the ability to get home was something she always had the ability for, it was just a matter of digging inside of herself to get there! Having a vocal coach is thinking of yourself as Dorothy! You have been brought into a place of being able to grow and strengthen your voice, which is what you want, but you have no idea how to get there! Your vocal coach is like Glinda. She tells you which road to walk, and leads you step by step until you get to the place that you can comfortably call the “home” of your voice! Once you have walked this road long enough to get your voice where you want it to be, you discover that you always had everything that you ever needed! The way home was always inside of you, just waiting to be discovered! Why not find out which road to walk down in order to discover the way home for yourself? Start with your vocal coach at Fox Music today!