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Singing Lessons for Teens & Adults

Fox Music of Virginia Beach offers the highest quality voice lessons available. Whether you sing classical music, musical theater, rock, and roll, or anything in between, it is the quality of our instruction that makes us the best choice for voice lessons in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area. At Fox Music, just as in a fine music conservatory, the voice teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Some singing teachers are primarily pianists, general music teachers, or choral directors who teach singing as a sideline. They might have had some vocal training or been singers to varying degrees. But if you want to develop your voice and build a healthy vocal technique, shouldn’t you study with an expert?

At Fox Music of Virginia Beach, students regularly find solutions to vocal problems that other teachers have been unable to address. We are committed to helping you make significant, measurable improvement in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy offers several unique programs of vocal instruction that encourage our students to grow not only in vocal technique but also in confidence and self-esteem as a singer and a performer. Our voice teachers turn most doubtful beginners into confident singers and expressive performers.

Voice instruction is open to any students who want to develop a beautiful voice. Whether you are a serious, professional singer or a beginner looking to have fun, we can help you train your voice to become the best it can be. Talent is helpful but not required. The best students are those who love to sing and want to discover the potential in their voices.
Students from all over Hampton Roads find our location convenient — just minutes from Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and of course, Virginia Beach.

When all is said and done, the lasting value of voice lessons lies in the results of the teaching. See what students are saying about their experience and improvement with us.

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