Voice Lessons and Being Yourself – Discover You

Voice Lessons help you to truly be yourself. Sometimes when you hear a song on the radio, there is something in you that just has to sing it! When you bring it in to your voice lessons and start to work on it, it will not sound exactly the same as what you heard on the radio. This is because no one else can bring the message of that song the exact same way that you can. You are unique, and so is your voice! At Fox Music of Virginia Beach we believe it is so important to not just follow other singers and try to sound just like them. We want you to focus on your own voice, and finding your own sound. If you are not truly singing as you, how can you fully express yourself? In voice lessons, you will find out who you are in a new way through your growth and journey at Fox Music. Finding your own sound and your own unique style helps you become the kind of performer that people remember.

                Discovering your Voice through Voice Lessons

 Sometimes you may think that no matter what you do in voice lessons, you just can’t be special. But that is simply not true. Every single person has potential that is just waiting to be discovered and explode with new parts of your sound you never knew you had. If you allow yourself to find out what you have inside of you during voice lessons, you will shine. Giving yourself the time to find out your abilities is very important. Once you start working on your own special sound, you will find its strong points and its weak points. This allows you to work on things as you find them. The more you continue voice lessons, the more you will find out what and how your voice shows off who you are!