Voice Lessons and Kids

Voice lessons help kids in many different ways. In today’s world, kids have to bear much more than they used to. Expectations are greater, stress is higher, and time is much more limited. This can often lead to early signs of depression, loss of self-esteem, and overall loneliness. When kids take voice lessons, much of this stress can wash away from the first note. When a kid is struggling with self-esteem, there is something that can be done. That kid does not have to just hang their head and bear it. The environment they will be exposed to is a positive one, full of encouragement and fun. When kids reach a level of success, they are celebrated. However even more importantly, when they do something they think is not good enough, they are cheered on even more. There is never a situation where belittling or speaking down to a child is acceptable. There is only upwards to go, and the teachers at Fox Music make that clear with each interaction.

Voice Lessons and Making Friends

When kids take voice lessons, they are put into a place where instant friendships can be made through music. Because there is one goal for everyone, no one can decide they are better than anyone else. Everyone is in his or her growth process together; they are a team. When kids come to voice lessons week after week, they get excited to see the people who encourage them, clap for them, and want to see them succeed. Because singing increases the “happy hormone”, depression tends to lessen when taking voice lessons with other kids. There is no place to be lonely because they are in an environment where they are being actively supported from every side. Why wait? Start the journey of growing your instrument and your self-esteem today!