Voice Lessons and Their Benefits

Voice lessons enrich your life. You may think that your life will improve musically. While that is true, it is not the only benefit for you to gain. Taking voice lessons has proven to benefit your immune system, your emotional and mental well being, and your social skills. Studies have shown that the proteins in your immune system also known as antibodies are much higher right after voice lessons. The same thing has not been shown from people who just listen passively to music. For people who are elderly, disabled, or hurt in some way, taking voice lessons is like a work out. Even healthy people get a great workout in their lungs as they do vocal exercises. You can also get a stronger diaphragm and better circulation. Because you are pulling in so much oxygen when you use your instrument, you can even increase your stamina for aerobic workouts. Your throat will be strengthened which can help to stop snoring and sleep apnea!

Voice Lessons and a Healthier You

In addition to physical benefits, voice lessons can have wonderful emotional and mental benefits. Singing is a natural anti-depressant because it releases the “feel good” hormone called endorphins to lift your mood and raise your spirits. Making music brings relaxation to you. It releases muscle tension that is stored up and lessens the “stress” hormone in your body called cortisol. While this happens, the “anti-stress” hormone increases. Last but not least, you can improve your social skills. When you come to work out your instrument week after week, you make friends who you become closer and closer with. You learn better communication skills through your interactions with people in music and through your performances. You also boost your confidence as you grow in your musical journey. Every step of the way there are people there to cheer you on. There is nowhere but up to go when it comes to your instrument!