Voice Lessons and Your Vocal Gym

No one walks into voice lessons for the first time and gets everything correctly right away. It takes time to build your understanding and have it result in growth. Once the words your teachers tell you click, it will still take time to grow and strengthen your instrument. When you walk into the gym for the first time, you do not expect yourself to walk out looking completely different from when you walked in. It is the same way with your vocal muscles. When you can’t seem to get your exercises at the gym correctly and you’re not seeing any change in your body, often you will get a personal trainer. That is exactly what your vocal instructors are there for. You cannot expect yourself to sound drastically different overnight when it comes to voice lessons. You have to get in the gym and pump some iron first!

Voice Lessons and Your Vocal Muscles

Coming to voice lessons is like going to the gym. You walk in, you do your exercises, and then you go home and rest your muscles. The resting part allows your muscles to rebuild themselves stronger than they were before. That is exactly what is necessary for your vocal muscles. You might think that you should practice your exercises for hours and hours every day. If you do that, you will have no vocal function left after a while. The goal is to get a good muscular work out in so that your development is encouraged, but not so much that you hurt yourself. Then you have to rest your vocal cords so that they can rebuild themselves up in a stronger way than before. When you start voice lessons, you start yourself on a path that with grace, perseverance, and time, will see results you never thought possible!