Voice Lessons for Kids – In Process

Taking kids voice lessons helps them out of the box that other people have placed them in. As young minds and hearts, they are placed in certain categories depending on what the people around them see, and sooner or later they start to hear those thoughts about themselves. “She’s the smart one, not the creative one.” “He can’t hold a tune.” “You don’t have what it takes to be on the stage.” All these thoughts and opinions can invade their lives and make them feel like they don’t have what it takes. But it is not so! Young love and passion directs children to the doors that have their names on them to walk through. There does not have to be one thing that they are good at or have experienced. They are not in a box! They are allowed to try, and discover, and embrace, and imagine, and go forward with all the possibilities that come from taking kids voice lessons.

Kids Voice Lessons in Process

There is no such thing as “silly” in the world of music and in kids voice lessons; there is only beauty yet to be found. Children are taught from a young age that they have to be “good enough”. When they start to take kids voice lessons, they find out that they already ARE good enough just by walking through the door! The next step is to grow what is already there and be excited about the process. It is a process that takes them through different seasons and emotions and discoveries about what is already inside of them. There is a different way to think about kids voice lessons than everyday life would have them believe. Suddenly bad days become good because they know whatever happens, they get to explore an instrument that is uniquely theirs-and that is a reason to smile.