Voice Lessons for Teens and Adults

fox-music-private-voice-lessons-200x300 You’ve turned on the TV, or tuned into your favorite radio station and on comes your favorite song. What crosses your mind at that point? Or, what do you think about when listening to legends like Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder? We asked 20 people the same question and some of the most common answers were along the lines of “Why can’t I sing??” or “How I wish I had a singing voice like that!” or “I wish I could be a professional singer too.”. If you concur with any of these replies, look no further than Fox Music of Virginia Beach. With private and group singing lessons drafted especially for the teens and adults of Virginia Beach and Hampton Road, Fox Music of Virginia Beach is your one stop shop to make all singing dreams come true. You can sing… and sing rather well! Songs have been considered a type of sustained speech in humans. Ergo, anyone who can talk can sing, including you. The trick is to improve the singing ability with knowledge and technique. And what better way to do that than taking voice lessons from experienced vocalists themselves? The Fox Music of Virginia Beach Teen Programs are open for youngsters between 12 and 16 years of age. Aspiring singers over 16 years can make use of the Fox Music of Virginia Beach Adult Programs. We’ve further divided our classes into Traditional Music Track and Popular Music Track to help you receive dedicated training in a genre that personally appeals to you. The lessons vary from beginners levels to advanced, in our effort to personalize the experience for our budding singers. Songs are the language of the soul. Come join us at Fox Music of Virginia Beach to hone your voice skills. Or, sign up for a loved one, who sings frequently at home but is shy to take the stage!