Voice Lessons at Fox Music

Voice lessons can make you feel like you’re home. They can take those who feel like they’ve never had a place to belong, and give them a musical home. When you have a passion for something and there is nowhere to let it out, sadness can creep in. When you are meant to use your instrument, something inside of you cringes when it isn’t used. Long periods of time can’t go by without having side effects of not singing. Sometimes “performance withdrawal” will sink in and nothing will quench it but getting back into voice lessons. When you start them, you feel something inside of you awaken. A spark is ignited and you enjoy every time you walk in the door. Week after week, you will rediscover why you fell in love with music. You find you get excited over all the different things your instrument can do! When you start taking voice lessons week after week, you see results. You will see strength occur in your instrument. You will see your range improve. You will feel how much easier it is to do certain things. Where you couldn’t reach notes, you now glide through them with ease. Where you didn’t match pitch, you now never miss a note. Where you used to have weak areas, you now find a solid place to land during your songs. Taking voice lessons strengthens your instrument as well as other areas of your life. You may find that you are getting excited over little things. You may find that you are responding to stress in a different way. Where you might have panicked before, you may find your response is calmer. You will start to believe that you can do things you never imagined. When you see yourself grow in voice lessons, you will start to believe that it is possible for every area of your life!