Voice Lessons = Fun!

Voice lessons show people how to have the best time! Enjoying different parts of your instrument is so much fun. Finding out what each different muscle is for is a big adventure. Being able to perform all kinds of different types of music helps you grow. You can sing classical, broadway, pop, and even indie genres when you take voice lessons! You will be able to sing whatever type of music you like the best. You will also learn how to use your instrument for songs you like. It doesn’t matter if you like to sing high notes or low notes. You will learn how to do both. You will be so amazed at how high and how low your vocal cords take you. You also get the opportunity to perform a lot! Every time you walk through the door, you can decide to get up and perform your heart out! You will learn through baby steps what is means to be a performer. Voice lessons teach you all about how to use your vocal growth and performance skills in front of people. You will learn how to make your stage presence look better. You will be able to start getting rid of your nerves. Sometimes it only takes a few times to get more comfortable in front of people! Voice lessons allow you to make friends and connect with other people who love what you love! Sometimes you can even perform with the people you will soon call friends! Sometimes you will want to do a solo. You get to do that as often as you’d like. When you take voice lessons, your teacher will encourage you and will show you how to grow more and more. Start your journey today, and see for yourself!