Voice Lessons For Teens

Voice Lessons  For Teens

Singing Lessons for Teens

Self-confidence, Performing ability, Beautiful Singing, a strong and healthy vocal technique. These are the attributes that all aspiring singers are looking for, and these are the focus of voice lessons for teens with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. Our programs of voice lessons for teenagers are unique in that we teach all of these various components simultaneously.

Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy offers a systemized approach to vocal training, performance skills and confidence building. We begin at whatever level a student is comfortable and gradually and methodically encourage our developing singers through the developmental process.

Our students learn exercises that build a strong and well-controlled voice, exercises that develop effortless high notes and rich, and robust low notes. They are given the keys to unlock their vocal potential and the encouragement to grow, but we don’t stop there. We guide students through every step of confidence building as well. It is only through frequent and regular opportunities to perform that the confidence and comfort as a performer can develop. That’s why it is so important for teenage singers to have opportunities to sing in front of other people in a happy and encouraging environment. It will take hundreds of public performances to achieve complete confidence on stage. Regular opportunities to perform help our students to grow in confidence and performance ability. As the confidence develops we offer positive and encouraging suggestions in order to make each performance better than the last. Meanwhile, the voice continues getting stronger each and every day.

All of these opportunities are presented as a series of baby steps. Students grow by working up the courage to take one little step at a time. Eventually, the baby steps add up to real progress, and confident, comfortable performances are no longer a dream; they are now the student’s reality.

We have a long list of singers who were once very shy who have conquered their fears, developed their singing voices, and get the big roles in their high school productions. Our Voice Teachers turn most doubtful beginners into confident singers and powerful performers. Call Today or Fill Out a Form Today!