Voice Lessons Without Limits

Voice lessons let you see yourself in a new way. Many times we are told who we are and who we are not from a young age. Maybe you were told you are the “genius” of the family. Maybe you were told you’re more of a “homemaker”. Maybe you were always the one putting on shows for mom and dad in the living room. Whatever your “label” may be, you will find it all can be stripped away when taking voice lessons. When you first start learning from your instructors week after week, you will find that there is a bigger opportunity musically for you than you thought. No one is just one thing in life. You are allowed to be passionate about math, science, athletics, history, and music. There is room for you within the vocal training community and there is no reason for you not to gain everything you can from it.

Voice Lessons and New Points of View

Sometimes people are labeled even within a history of taking voice lessons. They are labeled as a soprano or an alto right away, a belter or a “soft voice”. Trying to fit your instrument into a box is a completely limiting thing to allow. As you grow and change and adjust and move forward, you will constantly be finding out new and different parts of your instrument that you didn’t realize existed before starting voice lessons. You may think that you will never reach those high notes like Mariah Carey, but as your vocal muscles grow you find that high notes are coming more naturally. You might think that you will never be able to belt the way you’ve dreamed of doing, because that’s just “not your voice”. But strengthening those chest voice muscles ends up giving you more power than you know what to do with! Whatever your goals and desires are, taking voice lessons will open up a whole new world for you and your instrument. Why wait?