What To Expect From Voice Lessons

Typically, voice lessons are only offered in a private setting and only offered for adults. Fox Music is unique in that voice lessons are available in a private setting and a group setting for all ages. Private voice lessons are one-on-one lessons between the student and the instructor. These lessons are perfect for serious voice students looking to greatly improve their vocal strength, control, and beauty. In these lessons, teachers can give very specific, individualized feedback. In addition, students have the opportunity to work on music of their preferred style with the teacher. Group voice lessons, while vastly different, are also extremely beneficial. In group voice lessons, students have the chance to develop both their voices and their performance skills. Fox Music has a unique, copyrighted curriculum program, which allows students to set short-term goals and see their progress over time. The curriculum involves different levels, and advancement tests are offered several times a year. The curriculum gives students a chance to truly learn and understand the way their voices work and what they need to do to improve. Group voice lessons also provide regular performance opportunities, allowing students to receive feedback from a receptive and encouraging audience consisting of other voice students. But no matter what program each student chooses to participate in, Fox Music is a one-of-a-kind music studio. Not only are the teachers knowledgeable and supportive, but the overall atmosphere is positive and fun as well. Fox Music is family friendly, and the welcoming environment makes it easy for students to feel secure and confident in their vocal studies. In addition, voice lessons offer social interaction and encouragement between people who share similar goals. The Solo Vocal Academy at Fox Music is truly dedicated to assisting each student in his/her personal improvement in an inspiring, fun, and professional environment.