Why Learning to Fingerpick in your Guitar Lessons is so Important

It seems these days that everyone only wants to play with a pick. I’ve noticed this trend with students of all levels in their guitar lessons at Fox Music of Virginia Beach. Playing in your guitar lessons with a pick is an important skill that is useful in many different genres of music. That being said, it’s important not to neglect other picking techniques in your guitar lessons. Using a pick gives the guitar an entirely different tone than when fingerpicking. Often you’ll get a much prettier tone out of the guitar when fingerpicking because your fingers have a softer, more delicate texture than a guitar pick does. Here’s an example. If you were to take a piece of plywood roughly the size of your hand and slam it down on a concrete surface how do you think it would sound? It would make a loud, deafening, and abrasive sound. If you took your hand and slammed it down on a concrete surface, it would still make a sound but not anything even close to the sound that the piece of plywood made. Learning to both fingerpick and use a pick in your guitar lessons is extremely important for being able to play different genres of music. Some songs just sound better when using a pick, and some sound better when fingerpicking. Be willing to learn both methods when coming in for your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach. With an open mind you will quickly see the pros and cons of both picking methods in your guitar lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach.