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  • Improves Even Accomplished Vocalists

    I found Saul Fox several years ago. My vocal career started as a child soloist in church, and later in the Duke University Chapel Choir. Then several decades elapsed (without time for music) before I retired and began to think of singing again. I wanted to sing “pop” songs, and was the vocalist for a local dance band for over a year. My wife and my ENT Physician thought I needed voice lessons (imagine that !). Thus, I sought vocal instruction. After being “fired” by two teachers, I stumbled upon Saul Fox. This was the luckiest day of my musical career. He was clearly the most knowledgeable, but also the most reasonable and most pleasant. He accepted the fact that I wanted to sing “pop” and did not try to force classical music on me — but yet, suggested that classical vocal technique was valuable regardless of the type of music sung. This approach has been extremely helpful to me. And, most importantly, I have not been fired!

    Mr. Fox also teaches piano for my 8 year old grandson, and has been amazing with him as well.

    As a music teacher and as an individual, I would give Mr. Fox my highest recommendation. But Saul is not just a teacher. He is also a performer, with a marvelous tenor voice that is unparalleled in this part of the country.