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  • Helped me from Humble Roots

    When I first found Saul, I knew absolutely nothing about singing, other than that I knew I needed help. I had recently become the lead singer in a hard rock band, but I knew if this was to last, I had some work to do. During my first lesson, I literally could not even match a pitch. I doubt that there is anyone who could start much closer to zero than I was, but I knew I wanted to improve. My initial plan was to take lessons for maybe six months, enough time to gain a basic idea of the fundamentals of proper singing. That was over seven years ago, and now not only am I still singing rock, but also performing classical arias in recitals. I will be the first to admit that this has not been the result of some unknown, hidden talent that was lurking deep in my unconscious. Rather, with the help of Saul, I have constantly worked hard and persisted to build my voice dramatically. It has not been easy, and there is still much progress to be made, but there is no doubt that Saul has given me the knowledge to improve by leaps and bounds.

    There are those who may worry that a classically-minded training won’t be right for them, that it will ruin them for singing pop or rock or something else. However, I can say that I have investigated vocal training across many spectrums, and even the most extreme vocal styles employ the basic tenets that Saul is using to teach his students. The fact of the matter is that the most research has gone into classical training, and, regardless of the genre, it offers the soundest and safest way to explore the full range of one’s vocal abilities.

    I will not lie to you, becoming a good singer is not, for most people, an easy task. It will require a commitment of one’s self. If you are not willing to work, you should probably not even waste your time, because you will not improve magically just by taking lessons. However, if you are serious about improving your singing voice, and want a knowledgeable teacher, Saul definitely has the background and approach to provide you with this opportunity.