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  • I Thought I was Tone Deaf

    I began playing guitar about 5 years ago and quickly realized that in order to get the full enjoyment I needed to sing as well. Unfortunately I was convinced I was tone deaf. I was embarrassed to sing in front of my own children.

    I had the privilege to play handbells under Saul’s direction several years earlier and had heard that he did voice training. I was skeptical that I could be taught but wanted desperately to be able to sing. I have been training with Saul for about 18 months now and there is a remarkable improvement in my voice. Not only do I sing in front of my own children, but in front of complete strangers. An unexpected benefit is that I find I have more confidence in general because the training has improved my natural speaking voice.

    Saul is an encouraging teacher with a knack for pushing me just enough to keep me moving forward but not so much that I get discouraged and give up. If you have a strong desire to sing but lack the confidence, I recommend giving Mr. Fox a call.