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Vocal Technique, Stage Skills, and Regular Opportunities
to Perform
Unique 10 level curriculum designed to make anyone a great guitarist
Learn to read music and music theory as you play in a wide array of styles
Drums, Bass Guitar, Violin and More
Learn majestic orchestra instruments no matter your music experience
Tom Sawyer

I would strongly recommend Fox Music to anyone who is serious about enhancing their musical talent.

Alex Cancado

I wasn't able to sing at all, and in just a couple of months I can now sing songs that I never imagined I would be able to sing.

Cindy Kight

The group classes give her an excellent opportunity to work on her performance skills in front of a live audience and receive critiques in a non-judgmental atmosphere

Cris Katogiritis
Church Band

This has given her the confidence she needed to audition for her school musical


Fox Music

Fox Music offers lessons in voice, guitar, piano, drums, bass guitar, violin, and more to students of all ages and experience levels. Our experienced teachers provide a positive, encouraging, and friendly environment to students of all ages while giving the best instruction possible. While you won’t find better instruction for these instruments anywhere else, Fox Music’s specialty is voice lessons. Why take voice lessons with Fox Music of Virginia Beach?

Become A Better Singer

Have you always wanted to be a better singer? Have you dreamed of a strong and well-controlled voice with effortless and beautiful high notes, low notes, and everything in between? At Fox Music of Virginia Beach our experienced voice teachers guide your development through a complete program of vocal training.

Become A Better Performer

Would you like an opportunity to become comfortable singing in front of other people pouring your heart out in song to the delight of cheering crowds? Maybe you’ve dreamed of singing on stage but the thought of it is just too scary.

Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy is designed to help vocal students develop self-esteem on stage. The program guides you through very gradual steps that make it easy to leave your fears behind. Our professional instructors encourage your development at every step, giving you permission to explore your passion for performing and enabling you to grow into your full potential.

The Fox Music Solo Vocal Academy Experience

Most voice teachers offer only vocal technique for their students and most performance training programs offer only stage skills. Through our Solo Vocal Academy we provide a unique method of combining the best of both group and private lessons. Our students find the learning environment fun and challenging. Our tried and tested program makes us the premier choice for vocal study in the Hampton Roads area.

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Young Musicians at Fox Music

Young musicians have the best time in kids singing lessons! They get to explore all that their voices have to offer! They get to see what kind of different music is out there! They even get to perform their very own solos and group songs! With kids singing lessons, there is no end to the fun […]

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Kids Voice Lessons Build Confidence

Kids voice lessons provide a healthy outlet for energy and fun. Coming to learn about your instrument is one of the best adventures that young vocalists can go on. At every turn, there is a new discovery. With every exercise, there is growth. Week after week you will find that your instrument is growing stronger and […]

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Improving Lives Through Kids Singing Lessons

Kids voice lessons have long been known to do so much more than create a pretty sound. Music has been a tool for centuries to bring healing to all parts of people’s lives. Studies have shown that taking kids voice lessons helps in many different ways. They can lower stress. They can bring relief to chronic […]

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Kids Singing Lessons and Performing

Kids singing lessons allow your child to grow as a performer and as a person. Some children are born with a musical ability. Some children develop one over time. Either way, training is helpful. First of all, your child will gain an appreciation for the arts. There are less and less people out there who really […]

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Benefits of Music Lessons

Benefits of Voice Lessons

Fox Music Solo Vocal Academy

Virginia Beach, VA

The first and foremost benefit of voice lessons is an improvement in a singer’s vocal technique. This includes development of an effortless and healthy vocal production, range expansion – or the ability sing higher and lower notes, a beautiful singing tone, control over the voice, and development of a wide dynamic range from the lightest pianissimo to an exciting and powerful fortissimo. Our voice teachers have the knowledge and experience to guide students toward technical improvement.

Voice lessons with our Solo Vocal Academy don’t stop with vocal technique. We offer comprehensive training that includes the development of performance skills and confidence on stage. Our 10-level Solo Vocal Academy curriculum motivates students to grow in confidence as they participate in performance drills. Positive and encouraging feedback from teachers and other students constantly inspires students to push themselves through the next steps in their training. Performance skills and confidence develop with performance experience, and our students have the opportunity to sing in front of a live audience multiple times each week at every class.

After beginning to take voice lessons, you and/or your child are going to see many wonderful benefits from the experience. Whether you’re an adult looking for a fun, stress-relieving hobby to pick up on the side, or your child has expressed an interest in taking voice lessons, we are here to help you find the best course of study to suit your needs. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach we not only teach music, but also strive to be positive role models to our younger students and teach important life skills like confidence, self-esteem, and determination.

Confidence, Self Esteem, & Social Skills. Learning a new skill, like singing, is an activity that offers both immediate and delayed gratification. Students progress from the very basics of tone production to singing songs on stage in front of an audience. Students become more and more confident in their abilities through their voice lessons. This translates to increased confidence overall, as they recognize their capability to learn new things and demonstrate this to themselves and others. As students grow together in their singing abilities, new friendships are formed and singing becomes a socially rewarding experience as well.


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