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Fox Music Singing Lessons for Kids

Singing Lessons
for Kids

Healthy Singing Technique, Confidence Building, Regular Opportunities to Perform
Develop vocal skills and become confident performing in a fun-filled environment.

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Fox Music Voice Lessons for Teens

Voice Lessons
For Teens

Vocal Technique, Performance Skills, & Self Esteem Build your vocal ability – expand range, develop power, improve tone – and develop confidence as a performer.

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Fox Music Preschool lessons

Pre-School Singing & Music Lessons

Sing, Develop, Grow & Enjoy Music
Age appropriate singing and musical activities taught by qualified and experienced professionals.

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Fox Music Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons
For Adults

Expand Range, Develop Power, Improve Tone, Become a Confident Performer
Become the singer and performer you’ve always dreamed you could be!

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Fox Music is the Premier Solo Vocal Academy in Hampton Roads

Thank you for visiting Fox Music of Virginia Beach where we have been serving Hampton Roads since 1986. We are happy to provide our services in any way we can. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional singer, our experienced voice teachers are here to guide you in your vocal development.

Fox Music Solo Vocal Academy

Voice Teachers at Fox Music of Virginia Beach

Fox Music of Virginia Beach’s voice teachers are some of the best singing teachers in the country. Well-trained, experienced, and with extensive backgrounds, Fox Music’s professional voice teachers are excellent instructors and role models. Fox Music’s Vocal Coaches focus on the individual needs of each student and work to help them meet and even exceed their goals. Our voice teachers turn most quiet, shy, and doubtful beginners into strong, outgoing leaders that become powerful performers and confident singers.

Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy

Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy truly makes our studio one of a kind. Most voice teachers offer only vocal technique for their students and most performance training programs offer only stage skills. Through our Solo Vocal Academy’s many programs we provide a unique method of combining both! Our students find the learning environment fun and challenging. Our tried and tested programs make us the premier choice for vocal study in the Hampton Roads area. Come see why every one is saying, “Wow, there’s nothing else like this”!

Fill out this form Today to receive a FREE Introductory Voice Lesson & Evaluation! A $25 Value!

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An Extraordinary Teacher

Mr. Fox is an extraordinary teacher and person. From the onset of my daughter's first lesson over three 3 years ago, there was no doubt we had discovered a pearl. Mr. Fox is not only a great teacher but he is a very nice and caring person. It has been a pleasure to see his business grow. I hope that more students can get an opportunity to grow from his experience and expertise.

I would strongly recommend Fox Music to anyone who is serious about enhancing their musical talent.

Tom Sawyer

Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music

My daughter has been with Fox Music for the past two years. Her confidence and self-esteem have blossomed as she has matured as a singer. Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music. She cannot wait for her voice lessons each week and she always comes home motivated and inspired to work on the advice and instruction she was given in class to continue to grow and improve as a musician. As a parent, there is no better gift than to see your child follow her dream and believe in herself. We are so happy we found Fox Music.

Julie Davidson

He really knows his stuff

I am having a lot of fun learning to sing with Saul. He really knows his stuff ( Saul used to be an opera singer ) and his method of teaching is excellent. I was nervous during my first session with him, but he made me very comfortable and I have been making huge progress with my singing. I wasn't able to sing at all, and in just a couple of months I can now sing songs that I never imagined I would be able to sing.

I highly recommend Fox Music for anybody that wants to improve their voice or learn how to sing.

Alex Cancado

Benefits of Voice Lessons from Fox Music’s Solo Vocal Academy

Improved Vocal

The first and foremost benefit of voice lessons is an improvement in a singer’s vocal technique. This includes development of an effortless and healthy vocal production, range expansion – or the ability sing higher and lower notes, a beautiful singing tone, control over the voice, and development of a wide dynamic range from the lightest pianissimo to an exciting and powerful fortissimo. Our voice teachers have the knowledge and experience to guide students toward technical improvement.

Development of
Performance Skills

Voice lessons with our Solo Vocal Academy don’t stop with vocal technique. We offer comprehensive training that includes the development of performance skills and confidence on stage. Our Solo Vocal Academy curriculum motivates students to grow in confidence as they participate in performance drills. Positive and encouraging feedback inspires students to push themselves through the next steps in their training. Performance skills and confidence develop with performance experience, and our students have the opportunity to sing in front of a live audience multiple times each week.

Learn Important
Life Skills

After beginning to take voice lessons, you and/or your child are going to see many wonderful benefits from the experience. Whether you’re an adult looking for a fun, stress-relieving hobby to pick up on the side, or your child has expressed an interest in taking voice lessons, we are here to help you find the best course of study to suit your needs. At Fox Music of Virginia Beach we not only teach music, but also strive to be positive role models to our younger students and teach important life skills like confidence, self-esteem, and determination.

Confidence, Self Esteem,
& Social Skills

Learning a new skill, like singing, is an activity that offers both immediate and delayed gratification. Students progress from the very basics of tone production to singing songs on stage in front of an audience. Students become more and more confident in their abilities through their voice lessons. This translates to increased confidence overall, as they recognize their capability to learn new things and demonstrate this to themselves and others. As students grow together in their singing abilities, new friendships are formed and singing becomes a socially rewarding experience as well.

Now Hiring!

This is the perfect job for a recently graduated voice major looking for a long-term  career as a voice teacher.  We offer reliable pay, on the job training, steady work, a joyful environment, and probably the most fun job you could possibly have. You get to share your love of singing with people who really want […]

How To Sing Effortlessly

Have you ever watched a performer and thought, “Wow that just looks effortless!” I think its happened to everyone once in their lives. There is so much to learn about your vocal anatomy. Singing is so much more than opening your mouth and letting sound out. There are actual techniques and skills designed to make […]

FREE Singing & Confidence Building Workshop

  Exclusive Singing and Confidence Building Workshop – Only 20 FREE spots available! Register today here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-singing-confidence-building-class-tickets-62950044277 This powerful workshop will guide students through the foundations of vocal technique, vocal health, and performance skills through vocal exercises and confidence building drills. This FREE workshop will take place on Monday, June 17th at 7:45PM at Fox […]

Summer Is Almost Here!

Can you believe it’s almost summer time already? All the children are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! I know many of our young students are counting down the days. They are so excited to try new things and discover something new about themselves outside the classroom. Are […]