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Tracy Thomas

“I highly recommend Saul Fox.

I have been a vocal student of Saul Fox for about a year now. I thought I had a pretty good voice when I went to see him, but I soon realized I had not even scratched the surface of what was possible. Saul is one of the best teachers I’ve had in any discipline. He challenges you to work hard and go beyond what you think you are capable of doing. He is always positive and encouraging while making clear what areas need more work. Saul always knows what songs to teach you to complement your particular voice and maximize your strengths. Also, he provides opportunities to perform and develop your confidence in front of a live audience. If you have a desire to perform someday as a singer, I highly recommend you give Saul Fox a try.”

Julie Davidson

“Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music.
My daughter has been with Fox Music for the past two years. Her confidence and self-esteem have blossomed as she has matured as a singer. Her passion for music has been ignited by Fox Music. She cannot wait for her voice lessons each week and she always comes home motivated and inspired to work on the advice and instruction she was given in class to continue to grow and improve as a musician. As a parent, there is no better gift than to see your child follow her dream and believe in herself. We are so happy we found Fox Music.”

Roger T. Gregory, MD

“I found Saul Fox several years ago. My vocal career started as a child soloist in church, and later in the Duke University Chapel Choir. Then several decades elapsed (without time for music) before I retired and began to think of singing again. I wanted to sing “pop” songs, and was the vocalist for a local dance band for over a year. My wife and my ENT Physician thought I needed voice lessons (imagine that !). Thus, I sought vocal instruction. After being “fired” by two teachers, I stumbled upon Saul Fox. This was the luckiest day of my musical career. He was clearly the most knowledgeable, but also the most reasonable and most pleasant. He accepted the fact that I wanted to sing “pop” and did not try to force classical music on me — but yet, suggested that classical vocal technique was valuable regardless of the type of music sung. This approach has been extremely helpful to me. And, most importantly, I have not been fired!

Mr. Fox also teaches piano for my 8 year old grandson, and has been amazing with him as well.

As a music teacher and as an individual, I would give Mr. Fox my highest recommendation. But Saul is not just a teacher. He is also a performer, with a marvelous tenor voice that is unparalleled in this part of the country.”

Janis Shipley

“I love taking lessons and feel very comfortable with Saul. The combination of his, gentle nature, welcoming personality, professional attitude and attention to detail is a gift to any student. Saul is very patient with me as a new student with no previous training. He is extremely encouraging in helping me overcome any feelings of self doubt and lack of confidence. I look forward to each lesson.”

Dan Noffsinger

“There’s something for everyone at Fox Music. Not ever having had any formal voice training, I was unsure what to expect from voice lessons through Fox Music. Initially, I was skeptical, but after a few months of working with Saul, I can definitely tell a difference both in my singing and in my confidence in using my voice. With all the other music lessons being offered, I just might have to get some formal training in one of the instruments I play as well – there’s something for everyone at Fox Music!”

Cyndi Kight

“My daughter started singing with Saul in January and we could not be more pleased with how he has helped her! We really appreciate that she is able to attend several group lessons (including a specific teen class) throughout the week, in addition to working with him during her private lessons twice a month. The group classes give her an excellent opportunity to work on her performance skills in front of a live audience and receive critiques in a non-judgmental atmosphere.”

Lisa Crain

“Two years ago, I was becoming frustrated because I was trying to find someone reputable to teach my daughter, Anna, voice instruction, yet everyone said she was too young. I found Saul Fox’s website and gave him a call. That call was probably the best thing I could have done for my daughter in regards to her voice. Mr. Fox agreed to meet with us and try a lesson to see if it would be a good fit for both him and Anna. We’ve been seeing him weekly ever since.

Cheryl Driver

“The lessons are awesomeMy daughter has been taking guitar lessons with Wesley. She really likes to learn new things and says the lessons are awesome. She can already play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star after about a month and a half. Everyone is very nice at Fox Music.”

Latoya Quarles

“They are simply amazing! I take guitar lessons with Fox Music and they are simply amazing!! Wes is a GREAT teacher and very encouraging! There is so much talent flowing throughout the students and teachers. It is a very welcoming environment! Definitely will be returning as well as signing my kids up for lessons!”

G.E. “Dwyn” Taylor II

“Wesley is a brilliant musician with an enormous understanding of music theory and an amazing ability to play piano, drums, violin, and guitar. He is an articulate communicator, a patient teacher, and the consummate professional.”

Jen Duyssen

My son has been taking singing lessons at Fox Music for the past year.  He absolutely loves the teachers and his fellow students.  I have seen not only his singing improve but his confidence has grown as well.  He gives and receives positive and encouraging comments at each of his sessions.  He is able to participate in person and online which is convenient for our schedule.  We love Fox Music and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for singing lessons.

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